Marcelo Castro Photography

Marcelo Castro


My name is Marcelo Castro. I'm a part-time nature and travel photographer and full-time engineer. I grew up in Brasil, and lived a good part of my life in the US where I graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in electrical engineering. Shortly after graduation I started traveling the world for work and that’s how I began my relationship with photography in 2010. My photography has since been collected by print customers all of the world, and has been published worldwide in numerous magazines such as National Geographic Traveler. In the beginning my range of subjects was fairly broad, but given my lifelong love for the outdoors I naturally started focusing more on landscape photography. Though my passion for travelling long preceded my passion for photography, I have found that photography often provides the motivation to explore places I normally wouldn’t go in weather I might not usually prefer, at times of day that I might usually rather be sleeping. The result is that my photography takes me to spectacular scenes I might not witness otherwise, and I hope to share these scenes with others through my photos and prints.